Tamworth 5

Tamworth 5 – Sunday 15th September 2013
Sunday sees the staging of the final race in this year’s BDSL series, the Tamworth 5. The race, originally scheduled as a 10 miler, is also the latest race in this year’s Club Championship, so plenty of reasons for a good turnout. Publicity for the race has been a bit sketchy, with what we know about the event being contained in an email circulated about 3 weeks ago. The race is a closed race i.e. open to members of competing BDSL clubs only & will start and finish at Tamworth AC’s excellent track & clubhouse. The race starts at 11.00 so for those interested in sharing transport suggest we meet on the GBLC car park for a 0930 departure. Entries accepted on the day only.

Posted by Chris Mason


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