Club Championship Races 2014

Shelton Striders 10k or the National Forest 10k as 12th Championship Race?? 
Listed below are all of the Championship races for 2014. The loss of the Barrow 6 has given a bit more scope for other races so I’ve included the John Fraser 10 &, as the last race, the Worksop Halloween Half Marathon, mainly because we need a couple of longer races in autumn/winter and I know Club members have passed on positive feedback about both races in the past. On 5th October 2014 I’ve included Shelton Striders 10k or the National Forest 10k. Both are fairly local so I’d welcome feedback on which race you’d prefer included?

Race Date
Kibworth 6 (LRRL) 19th January
Markfield 10k (LRRL) 9th February
Stilton 7 (LRRL) 16th March
Desford 10k (LRRL) 6th April
Uttoxeter Half Marathon (BDSL) 4th May
Burton 10 (BDSL) 18th May
Gate Gallop 10k (BDSL) 29th June
Worthington 5 (BDSL) 8th July
Belvedere 10k (BDSL) 31st August
John Fraser 10m (LRRL Summer) 7th September
Tamworth 5 (BDSL) 21st September
Shelton Striders 10k or National Forest 10k 5th October
Worksop Halloween Half Marathon 26th October
Shepshed 7 2nd November

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