Annual Handicap Race – Wed 10th September

Handicap times for the above event are attached. Just to repeat the course is the 4.06 miles route we used last year starting on the corner of Nadins Way by Sainsbury's Roundabout. Kerry, followed closely by Kevin lead off by 1900 at the latest. Everyone else follows based on their handicap times. So Dom goes off last, 18.17 minutes after Kerry. Its up to you to be on the start line at your allotted. We’re hoping to have marshals at  key places on the route but this is not guaranteed so great care needs to be taken at all times, particularly when crossing the road. The light will be fading towards the end of the race so wear reflective clothing please. Anyone who is available to marshal please let me know. I’ll be down the GBLC by 18.30 on the night to answer any queries. Inge & Dave are handling the start & finish so no messing.Handicap14c

Posted by Chris Mason


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