LRRL Race 2 – Markfield, 8th February 2015

Advisory note to all members from Beaumont Running Club regarding the above event:Licence Conditions
The Markfield 10k race is licenced for 500 competitors due to parking, event facilities, and race safety issues. As with other races we have had increasing number of club runners entering in recent years taking the numbers close to, and sometime exceeding, the licence limit.  We would just urge all potential competitors to remember that this is a race, and not a run.
Cancellation Procedure
The event could be cancelled on the day if extreme weather is encountered, the last dynamic risk assessment finds a major issue rendering the race unsafe, excessive numbers of runners and supporters on the day, and a “no show” for medical provision.
The cancellation of the race be posted on the Beaumont Club Website home page once known.
The School car parks will be closed until 0900 except for Disabled Drivers, Race Officials, and cars with 3 or more passengers only. We are trying to secure off-site parking but this is not confirmed as yet.
Also all race car park exits will be closed until 1130. We ask that cars do not leave the parking until after the race has finished. However if there is a need to leave before the race has finished car drivers will be requested to leave in direction of Thornton ie turn left to minimise the danger to runners still finishing the race.


Given the time of year of the event (early February) then cold conditions can be expected. As likely to be below 10oC (50oF) there is increased risk of hypothermia (‘exposure’). Runners should be advised to adjust clothing & preparation.
There is no planned Fire Drills. The evacuation point is the field behind the School Gymnasium.
We very much want to provide a safe and enjoyable event for the league runners and look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 8 February 2015.
Frank Lusk, Race Director Markfield 10k, Beaumont RC – 07446 326931

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