Minutes of AGM held Wednesday 22nd February 2017 at Swadlincote Town Hall

Meeting Commenced at 8.30pm. [29 members attended]
Apologies:-Kelly Knight; Carolyn Ife; Jim Baxter.
Minutes of AGM 2016

  • These were taken as correct, proposed Andy Hawtin, seconded Christina Hawtin.
  • No points were raised from these minutes.
  1. Presentation of Club`s  Financial Accounts for 2016.
  • A sheet prepared by Malcolm Moore to advise the current position was distributed to the meeting.
  • This was filed with the minutes should further inspection be needed on a future occasion.
  • 2017 was at this point looking good
  • Accounts were approved by the meeting.


  • Presentation of the Club`s Financial situation for 2017& the setting of all fees.
  • A sheet prepared by Malcolm Moore “SDRR 2017/2018” was distributed to the meeting.
  • At this time we have 122 competing members & 36 non competing including the Walking section.
  • For the 2017 Club Fees, Malcolm Moore, as club Treasurer & Membership secretary, proposed officially that:-
  • Fees for non competing social runners will remain at £10 for the year,
  • Fees for the Walkers will also remain the same at £10 for the year.
  • Fees for Competing Runners will increase to £24 for the year [£10 basic fee plus £14 for UKA Affiliation.
  • Approval proposed by Chris Mason, seconded by Simon Reynolds & Approval confirmed.


  • Presentation of Chairperson’s Report.


  • Inge Moore thanked the committee, plus Kelly Knight in particular who was standing down from the club committee for the coming season, and Chris Mason, Adrian Middleton, Andy Orme, and Dan Towns, for work done for the club over the 2016 season.
  • There have been evermore successes for club over the season.
  • We have increasing membership numbers all round the various sections.
  • Competition running is there for those diehards who want to compete, but we cover running for social runners, walking for the walkers, plus the social side of enjoyment of club activities outside races & training.
  • Thanks were also given to all our members for superbly supporting SDRR in all aspects.
  • A full transcript of the report was filed for future reference.


  • Proposal for 2nd Club Night Session.


  • This was well received so a “yes” was minuted & the proposal would go ahead.
  • What evening? Tuesday appeared too close to the existing Wednesday training night & Greenbank has advised that they are happy for us to be at Greenbank but not on consecutive nights! So a Friday was considered 6.00pm – 7.00pm? Would be “steady” runs so as not to spoil attendees for Saturday Park Run sessions. However a 6.00pm start was too early so not workable. Monday was then proposed at Greenbank versus looking for other venues. 7.00pm start, commencing this Summer. From the 29 AGM attendees 16 voted a YES so the proposal was carried.  The new committee will set the start up date at their 1st meeting. NB this new running meet should not interfere with the Walking Section`s Club night on Mondays as the walkers do not start until 7.30pm.
  • Inge will now put this extra official club night on UKA`s data base.
  • It was advised that we have “away” walks at intervals during Summer & issue a published list of away dates & venues. This concept could also be looked at for the Monday runs if away runs, not from Greenbank, are considered.


  • Proposal to Remove LRRL Races from the SDRR Club Championship.


  • The online “entry” to races problems are just “teething” problems was suggested– we all hope! There are now only “on Line” entries to the races & on entry nights if you don`t /can`t get on a computer you`d be lucky to get to run! Malcolm summarised the LRRL Delegates meeting comments on the subject stressing that the first race was filled up within 24hrs! Chris Mason stated that this was a trial system only for the time being so we should not change our Club Championship races just yet.  The Club committee will be asked to review the situation at the 1st meeting following this AGM.[proposed as 8th March 2017]. All were in favour of this by a show of hands.
  1. Election of Officers to the committee to serve until February 2018.

After Discussion the following committee posts were put forward and filled:-

  • Club Chairperson – Inge Moore – proposed Chris Mason, seconded Christina Hawtin – elected.
  • Club Secretary – Roger Barraclough – proposed Chris Mason, seconded Mark Harriot – elected.
  • Club Treasurer/Membership Secretary – Malcolm Moore – proposed Laura Harper, seconded Chris Hanman – elected.
  • Women`s Club Captain & Representative – Laura Harper – proposed Christina Hawtin, seconded Lynda Squires – elected.
  • Men`s Club Captain & Representative – Andy Hawtin – proposed Dave York, seconded Mark Harriot – elected.

These positions were approved by the meeting.
There being no further AOB on the agenda the meeting closed at 9.14pm.
The date of the 2018 AGM Meeting will be announced as soon as possible for around 22nd February 2018.
R A Barraclough

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