Present:- I Moore; M Moore; A Hawtin; R Barraclough; L Harper Apologies:- None required. Minutes of previous meeting:- approved Run In The Forest 2018 Every thing is “in place” & first entries already received. Marshals – Laura will monitor this job. Time Keeping – we minute that club recent new member, Dave Clarke, is aContinue reading →

Present:- I Moore; M Moore; A Hawtin; R Barraclough; L Harper

  1. Apologies:- None required.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting:- approved
  3. Run In The Forest 2018
    • Every thing is “in place” & first entries already received.
    • Marshals – Laura will monitor this job.
    • Time Keeping – we minute that club recent new member, Dave Clarke, is a qualified timekeeper with UKA
    • Entry Forms – plan to get them out January time 2018
    • “Flyers” – Laura has current quotes on costs:- 500 off = £52 & 1000 off = £62, vat extra.
    • Advertising:- can do some “on line”. Also at Park Runs. Also around “Greenbank”. For the Main Race we have decided on “Bought in” Flyers but for Fun Run. Andy Hawtin offered to run up copies of an “in house” flyer. Also “Facebook” definitely. Also club members can distribute flyers especially reference the fun run in schools.
    • Marketing:- Laura will be the front person on this aspect.
    • Risk assessment action:- Malcolm will organise this.
    • Volunteers:- an e mail will go out to ascertain who “Ran” in last years race and who “volunteered”. Also a check to see if Adrian has a list of people who “usually” marshal. In order to Run” a member must be initially on the volunteers list for 2018. Then when all the “jobs” are covered places for running can be allocated from the volunteers list.
  1. Presentation Night 2018
  • Date =13th January 2018
  • Andy Hawtin to organise “Standard Time” certificates
  • Extra new Certificates suggestion:- One for any member who has run the whole 14 races in the club championship series. Agreed to investigate. If no members have done this then possibly one for those who have done 7 “Qualifying races” – again to be considered but not agreed as such as yet.
  • Trophies & Engraving:- Roger Barraclough to coordinate with “Trent Trophies”. Inge to provide official list of Championship Division winners & Runners up.
  • At this meeting “Most Improved Runners” were decided upon and these will be revealed at the Presentation Night. Also Men’s club champion, Alan Thomas & Lady club Champion Jenny Laing.
  • Inge will investigate collection of the large Trophies for engraving.
  1. Club Training Nights:-
  • Monday`s extra nights looking okay. Last session had 19 total – one group of 9, the other 10.
  1. AGM:-
  • It was settled that we book the Swadlincote Town Hall Wednesday 21st February preferable choice, Feb 14th as back up.
  1. Ticknall Relays:-
  • SDRR has 10 teams to enter this year. Cost = £16 per team so £160 total. The club will support cost of these entries but not for any offered food for after the race.[ would be £3 per runner extra]
  • For future times we suggest restricting relay events that the club funds. Very likely This Ticknall series & Washlands relays series only. One reason is that we partly fund the Presentation Night costs already.
  • SDRR is to pay for this race early as costs extra if “pay on the day”.
  1. Club Kit.
  • Discussions on what we order for stock – predominantly vests and “Hoodies”
  • T-Shirts discussed:- Action decided was to “enquire” generally by phone on latest deals for supply reference minimum quantities and costs.
  1. London Marathon 2018 Club Places.
  • 8 possible contestants had applied for one of the TWO places on offer.
  • After working through the selection criteria set up in the club rules the two members granted the places were:- ROSS CLARKE & KAREN WILKES.
  • This information will be put onto the web – Inge will contact Chris Mason for this action.Also Inge will send the recipients a short message Thursday morning before the information goes out on the web to the whole club.
  1. AOB.
  • LRRL Situation
  • Club subscription Fees for coming season up from £20 to £75!
  • For only 3 [on a long shot 4] races if in fact a Winter League is still on for 2018 with restricted entry totals per race meaning our runners may not get the chance to run anyhow if places all booked up “instantly”
  • Also race entry fees to increase to around £6.50 from £5.
  • The LRRL Committee is seriously considering not organising a separate Winter League – just on big league extending over the full year – no separate Summer League.
  • The opinion tonight was for SDRR not to re register for the LRRL in 2019.
  • The SDRR delegates to the next LRRL meeting in January 2018 will advise the LRRL of our consideration and get their feedback reaction if SDRR decides to leave the League due to these changes.
  • Appropriate SDRR follow up will ensue.
  • Presentation Night:-
  • Bookings ready to be taken now at £12 per ticket [ 13th January, 7.30pm start]
  • A raffle will be organised – a few “crop tops” on the table as prizes!
  • A “running 60” blackout will be organised by Roger [£1 a go with £20 to winner & thus £40 to SDRR as income]

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm
R A Barraclough

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