Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 21th February 2018

Present:     Andy Hawtin, Becky Moult, Andy Orme, Nikki Reeves and Adrian Middleton
Minutes of previous Meeting: Approved
Run in the Forest 2018:
SDRR teams are secure with 17 runners
There are approx. 50 volunteers filling all marshal and additional roles
So far 160 entrants have entered with places filling up fast
Andy Orme and Malcolm to set course, but will request support
Becky Moult to organise marshals for main race, complete marshal register and give brief
Nikki Reeves to layout Fun Run course on the day and organise marshals
Request marshals to bring snips/pliers to remove running/warning signs and return them to base at the end of the race
Goody bags to have tracker bars and water. Decision made not to supply bananas due to large quantities left over last year.
There will be 8 age category prizes and cash prizes for the first 3 overall in both male and female categories
Pre-route run to be arranged by Andy Hawtin for marshal position identification
Presentation Night 2019:
Conkers has now been booked for the 12th Jan 2018
Deposit paid and confirmation email received
Club to fund the room hire, DJ and subsidize the food
Final numbers to be confirmed later in the year
Club Funds and Banking
New treasurer now has access to the bank and club funds
Current account to remain open until club fees are paid
Run Leader Courses
Committee agreed Lisa Wright and Tom Robinson to attend Run Leader Courses
Additional position will be discussed with the individual interested parties to clarify the available sessions and groups that need covering.  Feedback next meeting on outcome.
Relays race funding
Committee agrees to fund the Washlands and Hairy Helmet relays.
Other relays may be organised, but will not be funded by the club.  These will need to funded by the individual entrants of the races e.g. Peak Running Relay series
Club vests
A poll shall be conducted on the new ‘Yellow’ and ‘Blue’ vests for road racing
The ‘Blue’ vest will only be used for XC races
The new ‘Yellow’ vests will be used for league road races, old type still permitted
New Data Protection clause required by UKA to be added to the membership form.
Next meeting 04/04/18

Posted by Ade Middleton