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Run In The Forest 2018 – SDRR Members

A message on behalf of the commitee:
Afternoon everyone! It is a long way off and no commitment for anything is needed just yet but this is a notice regarding our Run In The Forest race in April.
– No entries from SDRR members will be accepted for the race under any circumstances. If you do enter online or by post your entry will be refunded and your name withdrawn.
– A request will eventually go out for marshals from Adrian Middleton.
– Ade will compile the list and forward to myself and Laura Harper along with a list of those who have run or marshalled in the last few years.
– Laura and I will choose members from THE VOLUNTEER LIST who will be given 1st refusal on running the race. This can only happen if enough people volunteer. A range of abilities will be selected, not just “fast people” with priority to members who have volunteered before and those who have never raced it.
– This means if you don’t volunteer you will DEFINITELY not get to run.
– If you all of a sudden become available on the day for any reason, a volunteer spot will be made available, but not a spot in the race.

Please note this is to ensure fairness to all members and to ensure that the priority is to hold the race. Anyone who has done a Relay, been on a training course or attended the presentation night has benefited from large subsidising via club funds from this event. This event can grow larger and generate greater funds with growing member support.
Thanks guys. Any q’s then drop me a message or grab me for a chat.
Andy H
Posted by Andy Hawtin in News