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Hi All

If you haven’t already done so you need to sign up to my running club…

You need a club code during sign up to tie you to SDRR which I can publish biblically so please ask for this. Sign up takes about 60 secs as it’s just name and email address required.

All club info like training schedules, important dates, social runs and marshal info amongst other things will no longer be published on our website but will be available through this medium. Essentially it’s like a private members area.

Once signed up to the website you will get a race calendar and a newsletter every week with everything you need to know included. You can then also download the app to get lots more features.

The app isn’t compulsory but does make things much easier and is free to you so if you have a smartphone then please download it (there’s no reason not to!). If not the initial sign up on the website will do as a minimum..  but it is important that you at least do this step as if you don’t you will not be aware of anything that is going on with the club. Also the club will be paying for the licences so don’t waste club funds by not signing up and getting the app!


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