Members Notice

Evening gang. I’m about to set up our subscription to the running club app. That means we’ll then be paying. I will be paying for licences for every member. I’d appreciate everyone that has not yet set an account up to do so please by doing the following:

Go to

Enter the basic info requested including the club code: 5b573abe

You’ll then receive a weekly email with upcoming training. ParkRun results links, recent races and upcoming races as well as the members who are doing them!

If you have a smart phone,then after this download the app under the same name and take advantage of additional features like recording race results and pbs.

Once again I stress… Facebook will still be running under Ade’s capable hands. The website will not vanish (but will be trimmed down a bit). Currently we have 90 people signed up… about 70 or so to go 😀

We will review the app in 12 months as it is a yearly subscription.

Andy H

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