SDRR Social Running Group Training Schedule August 3rd – September 28th

Aug 3rd. Route “special”. [3.5/4.00mls]. Road/off road run to be organised by Craig.

Aug 10th. This is the night of the next SDRR prediction run.[4mlsish].  Start will be at the lay by at the end of “Coalpit Lane” near Foremark reservoir. Check Details with Inge please.

Aug 17th. Route 7. [3 miles]. Police station start/ civic/church street past Angel pub/ past park/up Midway road / right on Eureka/left on A511/left at new Sainsburys down Midway road/ right onto estate at Tennyson road & keep going /left down Springfield road/left at school & continue past park to roundabout at Midway road  & church street/right past park back to civic way & home run.

Aug 24th. Route 13. [4mls with 3.5 option]. Hearthcote/Swad Lane through estate/right Drum & Monkey/right A444/right Cadley roundabout/left onto Nadins, finish Nadins crossing.

Aug 31st. Route 2. [5mls with 3.8 option]. Civic police station/UP Darklands/left Newhall to Woods Lane [For 3.8 alt straight across at top of Darklands. Along Westfield, left Springfield, right A511 to clock]/ UP Woods Lane/right A511 all way to clock/right Ski Slope/ finish Civic police Station.

Sept 7th. Route 8. [3.5mls]. Hearthcote/ Swad Lane/through estate/left Drum & Monkey/UP CAPPY/past church/past park/left Coppice/past Morrisons/left Civic/ finish Greenbank crossing.

Sept 14th. Route 10. [4mls with 3mls option]. UP Alexander/left round park/right at Albert roundabout all way to Church/DOWN Cappy for 4 miler [right down Gresley Wood for 3 miler & right on to Hearthcote]/pass Drum & Monkey onto A444/down old Swad lane/Hearthcote/finish leisure Centre.

Sept 21st. Route 11. [4mls]. Civic/left at roundabout past Angel Pub on church street/all way up Midway road to A511/left on A511 to Woods Lane/DOWN Woods Lane & left at roundabout at bottom  all the way through Newhall to Darklands road/DOWN Darklands/left & finish at police station.

Sept 28th. Route 16. [4.5mls with 3.3mls option]. Civic/Right along one way at church roundabout/left past Morrisons Garage/UP ski slope & right on to Woodside road/straight across Albert roundabout past park to top of Cappy/right & pass  Chinese DOWN Gresley Wood/left Hearthcote past Catchems/right at Swad lane roundabout down to Nadins – finish Nadins crossing [ For 3.3ml route, right at bottom of Gresley Wood onto Hearthcote & finish at Leisure Centre.


R A Barraclough






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