Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 7th September 2016

Present: Inge Moore, Malcolm Moore, Roger Barraclough, Andy Hawtin and Kelly Knight

Minutes of previous Meeting: Approve

Run in the Forest – 09/04/17: Licences approved.

Main Run and Fun Run are now open for online entries via RunBritain.

SDRR Members cannot enter the race until all Marshal Positions have been filled

nearer the time to enable the race to go ahead.

Daniel Towns is setting up our website with relevant information.

Kelly Knight to produce separate fliers for Main Race and Fun Run.

Presentation Night – 14/01/17:

All booked for Conkers Waterside Centre.

Club to subsidise evening by paying for Hall Hire, Disco and reducing cost of Buffet.

£10 fee for members and £12 for non-members agreed.

Looking to find sponsorship if possible.

Simon Reynolds/Adrian Middleton to be approached to see if they would help with

Video/photo display.

Run Leader Training

It was agreed to send Adrian Middleton and Andy Orme to the next Run Leader

Course to supplement Club Coaching requirements. Inge Moore to sort our suitable


Nutrition for Runners

Kelly Knight has been in contacted with a local company with regards to seeing if she

could arrange a group session or a One to One if anyone was interested.

Kelly to offer Chi Running Sessions to Club members.


Inge to ask Daniel Towns to set uip Website Training for Kelly Knight and Adrian

Middleton. News regarding London Marathon Places will be posted on the website

and SDRR Facebook as soon as we have confirmation.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:20.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 16th November 2016 at 20:30 at the Sir Nigel Gresley.

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