Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 16th November 2016

Present:  Inge Moore, Malcolm Moore, Andy Hawtin and Kelly Knight

Apologies:Roger Barraclough

Minutes of previous Meeting: Approved

London Marathon Club Places:

 6 members had applied for a Club Place. After using the selection criteria published

members’ names were put into an envelope and Emily Atkins made the

random draw witnessed by several club members.

Chris Pearson and Carolyn Ife were selected to receive the Club Allocation of 2

places. Inge to inform both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Run in the Forest 5 plus Fun Run – 9th April 2017:

 Inge Moore gave an update for next year’s race:

–                                             online entries already being received

–                                             Kelly Knight to distribute Race Flyers

–                                             Chip timing investigated but proved too expensive

–                                             Accurate Course Measure Certificate cannot be officially

obtained as course is more than 80% off road. It is a multi-terrain race.

–                                             Run Britain  Full Licence received. Leicestershire Council

–                                             Licence approved but awaiting receipt of licence.

–                                             Sub-Committee Meeting to be arranged prior to race with attendance of Adrian Middleton, Inge and Malcolm Moore, Kelly Knight

Presentation Night 14th January 2017:


–                                             Shields to be collected from last year’s winners and be engraved.

–                                             Roger Barraclough to arrange engraving.

–                                             Venue booked, menu posted.

–                                             Raffle to be arranged by Malcolm Moore

–                                             Video/photos to be arranged by Adrian Middleton and Simon Reynolds.

–                                             Standard Times Certificates to be arranged by Andy Hawtin

–                                             Committee to start collecting names and money.

Proposal for extra Club Night:

 The Committee reviewed a Proposal submitted by Chris Mason to provide another Club Night for the Club. All agreed this was an excellent idea and work to be carried out to submit a proposal for discussion at the next AGM.

Friday night 6-7pm was suggested as a lot of people already meet and run on that night.

Chris Mason to be asked to investigate an alternative venue (Old Gresley Hall) for this night other than Greenbank Leisure Centre.

The new night would not affect the current Wednesday night which would remain the same with the Friday night being a non-coached steady run session.

New Gazebo:

 The Committee have been asked about supplying a new and bigger Gazebo for Cross-Country meetings.

At this moment in time we will monitor this season’s Cross-Country races and make a decision for next year’s 2017 season.

Club Championship 2017:

 It was fully agreed to include the Derby 10 Mile race in next years Club Championship and drop the Worksop Half-Marathon.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:30pm.

Next Meeting:

 11th January 2017 at 8:30pm at the Sir Nigel Gresley

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