Present:- I Moore; M Moore; A Hawtin; R Barraclough; L Harper.

    1. Apologies:- none required.
    2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:- [AGM on 22nd February] – Approved.
    3. Club Championship Races.
      • It was voted unanimously to keep the 2017 LRRL races in the Club Championship for 2017
      • Ditto for BDSL races. [ Even the Gate Gallop & Burton 10 runs where some members did not get an entry as booked up when they tried to do so on line]
      • It was stated that members have a choice of 14 races to get their required amount completed for the championship so should be able to do it.


  • Second Club Night.


  • This club aspect was voted in at the recent AGM
  • Monday the 8th May 2017 was voted in as the start up date.[7.00pm at Greenbank, usual meeting area]
  • The club needs 2 Qualified Run Leaders/Coaches in attendance for 7.00pm.
  • It will be defined as a “Steady Run” session
  • It is requested that a Rosta/Rota be set up by the clubs qualified leaders, 2 per weekly session.
  • Proposed distances are a run of about 5 miles/about 6-7miles duration, leaders to decide who takes each distance if separate runs organised and alternatively who comes back with the shorter distance group if one run start out with cut off for this group & others continuing full distance.
  • Andy Hawtin will organise this.
  1. Washlands Relays.
  • In 2016 the club “only just” got our runners entered in on time! This year we are to get names submitted in plenty of time. June date, on a Wednesday evening.
  1. Prediction Runs.
  • Andy & Laura will organise one in July
  • Malcolm will organise one in August
  1. Run Leader Qualifications.
  • Two people in our club have asked for the clubs support to gain the “Run Leader” qualification.
  • Mark Harriott was voted as positive.
  • Regretfully the other candidate had to be denied support for funding, detail for the refusal decision filed for any future reference.
  • Also as appropriate business in this section of the meeting it was suggested that the “social” running groups on Wednesdays & future Mondays need a Rota set up for leaders to be available.
  • 4 committed for Mondays [2 groups]
  • 4/5 for Wednesdays
  • These leaders will in theory be asked to take one weekly run per month
  • Andy Hawtin also asked same be considered for the Faster Running groups – again once a month in rota.
  • Roger has the book of set routes worked out for Wednesday “Social Group” runs – will get a set copied for that days run leaders to refer to plus make out a 6-8 week schedule as worked previously to be put on the Website, as previously, so the leader for that night knows which run to set out on.
  • Possible new routes can eventually be added to this list over summer.
  1. Run In The Forest Update.
  • The extra Licence from Leicestershire Council has been received after a 6 month wait! [for running on the pathways in their jurisdiction].
  • We have received 77 entries so far for the main race & 7 for the fun run.
  • Our club members are to be pushed to confirm wish to run or not so that teams can be sorted out.
  • Adrian is asking confirmation as to who willing to marshal
  • For next year the club will only look at running entries from our own club who have “volunteered” as helpers if we can get them in if we are oversubscribed with marshals/helpers. Non Volunteers will be at the back of the queue for running places!!
  • Results. Hopefully Dan, but Andy will check this out with him. Maybe a combined duty Dan & Andy?
  • The Club race organising committee will set up a meeting with “Conkers” before the race day.
  • Goody Bags? Only Bananas, Mars Bars etc to be offered plus Water.
  • That Fun Runners will get a medal.
  • Spot Prizes – yes – as previously organised.
  • Final route needs checking out – for possible “closed gate” & Steeper bank? Should we go ahead using Adrian`s back up route plan? To be checked with him.
  • A last risk assessment is proposed – in case of maintenance such as tree cutting on our route. Malcolm will walk the route prior to the race date re any new problems arising!


  • AOB.


  • A discussion was instigated regarding 1st claim & 2nd claim situation with a runner who is looking to leave us for 1st claim Derby AC, but keep us as 2nd claim. [ to do LRRL, X country etc]
  • It was stated at this meeting that to qualify for “club records” the runner must have run that race, where they wish to claim the time, entered as an SDRR member and wear an SDRR club vest during the race.
  • A copy of the email from this club member was lodged with Inge Moore for any future reference.
  • As a late proposal for the Monday social runners – over summer – as we do with the Walking Section – home [Greenbank] & away [Maybe Conkers or other predominantly off road area] is that venues be arranged – alternative weeks / every 3 weeks. For consideration.
  • Also for Wednesdays, Full run & Shorter run should be considered if “new to running” people turn up at the club& need help to get “into running”.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.


RA Barraclough








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