Dark Nights – be safe, be seen!

The dark nights are upon us which brings additional dangers for evening running.  There are a few things that can be done to help reduce risks:

1, Wear a reflective vest – these are very cheap and can be purchased from sports shops or off the net for a few pounds.  Be aware that wearing a bright coloured top does not mean that motorists will see you, its reflective tops that can be seen.

2, Body vests  – these are becoming more popular as they have a light on the front and back so you can be seen in either direction.

3, Head torches – give visibility not only for you to see the way ahead clearly but also allow you to be seen.

4, Stay on the pavement

5, Stand back at junctions, do not stand in the road, this allows run leaders to ensure it is safe to cross and motorists can see around the corner if making a turn.

Stay safe and happy running!

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