Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019

  • Apologies – Becky Moult
  • Approve minutes of last meeting 12.12.18 (All)

Run in the Forest 2019 (AH)

  • Entries Update
  • Volunteers update – 52 so far
  • Medals – Andy Orme to look into obtaining 40 medals, currently have 65
  • 400 race numbers ordered
  • 100 Fun Run numbers ordered

Banking (BM)

  • Account overview
  • LRRL joining fee to be paid by end of Jan – Becky Moult

Presentation Night (AH)

  • 96 sold
  • Raffle tickets book to be purchased by Andy Orme


  • Re-Standing – confirmed AO, AH,
  • Andy Orme nominated as Men’s Captain by A.Middleton, seconded N.Reeves
  • Andy Hawtin nominated as Chairman by N.Reeves, seconded A.Middleton
  • Venue booking – Ade to contact South Derby District Council to book the Town Hall for 20/2/18 or 13, 27, from 8:30 start till 10:00pm


  • Water supplied by Melbourne Spring Water Company was originally a condition requested by Conkers. Contact Conkers to confirm if the original conditions apply.
  • Ade is taking the Social Group on 16th Jan, proposed an open invite to other groups for anyone wishing to join in to commemorate Inge’s passing. Training group sessions will still be run as usual.
  • Membership application received from Phil Daws to run 1st claim for SDRR, transfer in progress.
  • Membership application from Alicia Sharman, UKA transfer to SDRR from Ivanhoe complete.
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Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Present:     Andy Hawtin, Becky Moult, Andy Orme, Nikki Reeves and Adrian Middleton
Minutes of previous Meeting: Approved
Run in the Forest 2019:
Medical, UKA, Conkers confirmed
Checking on paths license – Andy Hawtin
On-line entries ready to go after final checks on paperwork for 400 runners
Race number agreed to be waterproof and numbers only to minimise cost
Water confirm source – Ade Middleton to confirm details with Malcolm Moore & Conkers
Race sign – check current stock and advise on reorder types and quantity – Andy Orme
Fun Run Medals – investigate similar types and price – Andy Hawtin
Sponsorship – ask if anyone would be interested by either supplying gifts or financial support
Total 161, including 130 UKA competitive members
Discussions over runners who have not joined the club and continually run on Wednesday evenings.  Advised to direct the runners to Andy Hawtin who can re-affirm the club trial conditions of one month and how to join the club.
Upcoming Cross Country races require runners to be UKA competitive registered.
Presenation evening:
Theme night for presentation – ask members opinions during Wednesday training sessions
Confirm price of food with Conkers, agree attendance fees at next meeting
Club Championship:
Discussions about inclusion of other races
Confirmed Burton League to remain and two Leicester League Races
App Update by Andy Hawtin approx 100 member loaded App.
Prediction Race Challenge
Due to the issue of runners going the wrong way at the last prediction run. It was agreed that this one should be void and replaced by a Parkrun Prediction Run.  Due to the Xmas Team challenge race not going ahead this year, the decision has been made to substitute this for a prediction run on 19th Dec. Ade to organise marshals, Andy & Becky times and results.  This will then complete the series.
No club run on Wed 26th Dec, Monday 24 and 31st but put up on other channels.
Age for joining the club was confirmed as 17 years old, which will remain until the issue is raised at the AGM.
Andy Hawtin to confirm plans for the website content.
Adrian Middleton confirmed he will stand down from the committee as from the next AGM.

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Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 15th August 2018

Present:     Andy Hawtin, Becky Moult, Andy Orme, Nikki Reeves and Adrian Middleton
Minutes of previous Meeting: Approved
Run in the Forest 2019:
St Johns Ambulance have received our booking.  Currently awaiting to hear if they can accommodate our date as they are a voluntary organisation.
Licence received from Run Britain
Still waiting for Leicester Council to issue licence for access to the path.  It has now been in the system since May – Andy Hawtin to chase.
Fun Run job role and task description has been drafted and will be circulated to committee to approve.
Club has 124 competitive members, a possible three new members to join within the next month.  The UKA portal is now fully up to date including emergency contacts, second claim, walking group.  This will now be used as the main source of data for club members.
BMAF Cross Country Relays:
Invite received from Long Eaton running club to attend the BMAF XC relays.  Ade Middleton to post info to gauge interest with the possibility of putting in relevant teams.  This will be funded by the individuals if teams are entered.
New Running Club App:
App demonstrated showing the features, ease of use etc. This is currently being tested by approx. 71 club members.  It has been proposed that this will be the single point of information for the club in the future.  The website will still exist but the content will be reduced, although no decision as to what extent has yet been agreed.
Concerns were raised by the club secretary as to whether all members will be able to download and have access to the App.  If not how will they be able to get the information e.g Training Schedules, Race dates for BDSL, XC & LRRL.
Agreed to get feedback from members currently testing the App.  Decision to be made on whether to adopt it or not 22/08/18.
Athletics Track Sessions:
There is the possibility of hiring the Derby AC running track at a cost of @£30 per hour.  Depending on the numbers interested this will then reduce the individual cost by those attending.  Investigate alternative venues and costs e.g. Shobnall and Tamworth AC.
DerbyRunner XC:
There has been many posts regarding dates of the XC races, these are only preliminary and have to be confirmed by the organising clubs.  As soon as the dates are confirmed they will be made available.
New UKA rule book issued to club secretary, if anyone want to borrow it for some technical reading, please contact Ade Middleton.
Remind members that if they have any suggestions or ideas for the club then these can be discussed at the start of committee meeting.  A reminder of the committee date will be posted one week prior to meeting for anyone wanting to attend.
Next meeting 10/10/18

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Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 4th April 2018

Present:     Andy Hawtin, Becky Moult, Andy Orme, Nikki Reeves and Adrian Middleton
Minutes of previous Meeting: Approved
Run in the Forest 2018:
Main Race marshal positions to be published on FB page
Run the route 8th April to clarify the marshal positions
Fun run marshals identified and will be published
225 entries so far for the main race
14 entries for fun runners
Agreed to have a review after event for possible improvements for next year
Presentation Night 2019:
Put the date of 12th Jan 2019 in your diaries it has now been booked and confirmed with Conkers.
Run Leader Courses
Committee agreed Lisa Wright, Alison Shearer and Tom Robinson to attend Run Leader Courses
Check availability of places for the courses
Club Funds and Banking
Access to account now fully active
Club UKA registration fee has been paid
Members UKA fees being paid
Club vests
Following the poll it has been agreed on a new ‘Yellow’ and ‘Blue’
Details and specification to be discussed with designer
Blue only to be worn on non-league races
Resignation request discussed and agreed
Joining process to be looked at for next year as members unclear or struggled with Excel sht
Investigate if membership form could be submitted from webpage
Review after memberships are complete to establish improvements
Next meeting 09/05/18

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Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 21th February 2018

Present:     Andy Hawtin, Becky Moult, Andy Orme, Nikki Reeves and Adrian Middleton
Minutes of previous Meeting: Approved
Run in the Forest 2018:
SDRR teams are secure with 17 runners
There are approx. 50 volunteers filling all marshal and additional roles
So far 160 entrants have entered with places filling up fast
Andy Orme and Malcolm to set course, but will request support
Becky Moult to organise marshals for main race, complete marshal register and give brief
Nikki Reeves to layout Fun Run course on the day and organise marshals
Request marshals to bring snips/pliers to remove running/warning signs and return them to base at the end of the race
Goody bags to have tracker bars and water. Decision made not to supply bananas due to large quantities left over last year.
There will be 8 age category prizes and cash prizes for the first 3 overall in both male and female categories
Pre-route run to be arranged by Andy Hawtin for marshal position identification
Presentation Night 2019:
Conkers has now been booked for the 12th Jan 2018
Deposit paid and confirmation email received
Club to fund the room hire, DJ and subsidize the food
Final numbers to be confirmed later in the year
Club Funds and Banking
New treasurer now has access to the bank and club funds
Current account to remain open until club fees are paid
Run Leader Courses
Committee agreed Lisa Wright and Tom Robinson to attend Run Leader Courses
Additional position will be discussed with the individual interested parties to clarify the available sessions and groups that need covering.  Feedback next meeting on outcome.
Relays race funding
Committee agrees to fund the Washlands and Hairy Helmet relays.
Other relays may be organised, but will not be funded by the club.  These will need to funded by the individual entrants of the races e.g. Peak Running Relay series
Club vests
A poll shall be conducted on the new ‘Yellow’ and ‘Blue’ vests for road racing
The ‘Blue’ vest will only be used for XC races
The new ‘Yellow’ vests will be used for league road races, old type still permitted
New Data Protection clause required by UKA to be added to the membership form.
Next meeting 04/04/18

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Minutes of SDRR Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 28th February 2018

Present:     Andy Hawtin, Becky Moult, Andy Orme, Nikki Reeves and Adrian Middleton
Apologies: Roger Barraclough & Malcolm Moore (Advisors during handover)
Minutes of previous Meeting: Approved
Committee roles (basic tasks)

Race director
General managing of the club
Signatory (secondary) for finance release

Captains (responsibilities apply to league races only):

Post meet times
Organise jobs at XC races
Washlands Relays organise teams
Not expected to turn up as all voluntary
Appoint a stand in (if required)


All communication to the external world.
Central contact from other league clubs, booking of club events.
Ensure there is a representative at the league discussions, this does not have to be the secretary in person.
Managing club membership details, register onto system UKA or update details if required
Signatory (secondary) for finance release


Pay new member registration fee
Signatory for finance release

All committee members:
For a new club member give an introduction of the club including:
How it is structured regarding training groups
Membership type
Race leagues
New members ability and interests
Introduce them to the run leader and group they will be joining

Discussion on the registration and payment process

  • New members
  • Fill in application form
  • Register with England Athletics (Secretary)
  • Pay fees into club bank account (Treasurer)
  • Pay registration fees to England Athletics  (Treasurer)

Run in the Forest 5 plus Fun Run – 15th April 2018 – Update

  • 90 main race entries so far
  • 6 fun runners
  • All roles filled (time keepers, lead bike, marshals etc)
  • Flyers are currently in print and will be distributed once received.
  • Goody bags will be supplied containing banana, biscuits and water.
  • Andy Orme to look into obtaining possible ‘freebies’
  • Becky Moult to be Chief Marshall

Presentation evening 2019

  •  Contact Conkers to book the presentation night first choice 12th Jan, second choice 19th Jan – Ade Middleton
  • Club to cover costs for Disco, Hall Hire, all trophies etc. and expenses including subsidising hot buffet meal.

Run Leader Courses

  • Secretary to find out appropriate locations, dates and prices for ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’
  • Committee to ask running group members about possible interest in becoming a Run Leader.
  • Any club member interested in becoming a Run Leader should register their interest with a member of the committee.

SDRR Club Bank Account

  • Due to location (Derby) and functionality of the account, the committee voted to close the current club account by 5 votes to 0. This will remain open till after all membership fees have been paid 31/3/2018.
  • Becky Moult already benchmarking numerous local banks, whose accounts will fore fill the club constitution of two signatories and provide an up to date service for the club.

Discussion on a new Individual PB and Achievement Record sheet – agreed that Ade Middleton will circulate with club members for feedback and then decide on next actions.
Next meeting 21/3/18

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